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Rafael + Grace // Framed By Grace // Wedding Film & Highlights

On the morning of his wedding, Rafael said a prayer thanking God for His Grace, and Grace (his soon to be bride).

Leading up to the wedding, Grace explained to us that she wanted an intimate wedding. This meant she would be ditching the bridal party and limiting the invitations to close family and friends.

Oh yeah and by the way, Rafael doesn’t want to be filmed.

What!!! The groom doesn’t want to be filmed on his wedding day?

Now we have a challenge on our hands.

Think. Think. Think. Intimate wedding and the groom does not want to be filmed.

Ok. Calm down.

Who can we get to play a non-invasive role?

The Wedding Cake. BINGO!!!

During the wedding planning we knew they would be coming together as most traditions to eat their wedding cake, so we filmed the wedding cake one week before the wedding.

Eventually, Rafael shared with us that he was fine with being on camera (maybe he was just pulling our leg).

Filming this wedding was very special to us, because we have known the bride for many years.

It was a pleasure meeting Rafael, and we wish them the best in their rewarding future in marital bliss.

Having said that we present to you: Rafael + Grace // Framed By Grace // Wedding Film & Highlights

Lead Shooter: Walter V. Marshall

Second Shooter: Darryl Bradford Jr.

Assistant: Timashion Jones

Songs Licensed by The Music Bed & Song Freedom
Service Providers

Wedding Venue – First Spanish Baptist Church
Cake Artist – Prince Valley Bakery
Reception Venue – Habib’s Cuisine
Hair – Dominican Hair Salon
DJ – Dj Equad

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4 thoughts on “Rafael + Grace // Framed By Grace // Wedding Film & Highlights

  1. I’ve been looking for a post like this forever (and a day)

  2. Shiver me timbers, them’s some great information.

  3. Subhash says:

    I can’t wait to show you all their wedding ptohos! But until then please enjoy their engagement session or their teaser wedding photo I posted here.

  4. Vallie says:

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